Monday, 12 August 2013

Sierre Zinal

Went down to this classic race this weekend, meeting up with Noel, Ali and a few other Brits, Craig and Fleeter. Didn't have a great run, 79th in 3:19.. a long way off the front, expected in a top class field but expected to push close or just inside the 3 hour mark. However the opportunity to run in the mountains was too much so the first two days were spent getting miles and elevation in..

Friday was a 12.5 miler with 1000m of ascent and descent, and Saturday was a recce of the race in glorious weather, reversing the last 20km of the route to Chandolin.. 15.5 miles, 1200m of ascent and 1400m descent.  Camping and running from 1700m altitude made the running hard going, plus sleeping at night seemed disturbed by that and the cold.

By the race Sunday I was shattered, sore quads and never really got going. Classic race though, stunning area. Some pics of the recce below.

Monday, 5 August 2013

Rostock Nacht Halb marathon

This weekend was one of Rostocks biggest races, the Hella Nacht marathon and halb marathon...

We were running for the sponsors team, Hella..

A very warm day was followed by heavy rain, cooler but very humid conditions. Undulating route, twice through a tunnel under the river, and lots of trail. I was 2nd in 1:17:44, Gwen 8th in 1:39, Fane won in 1:09..

Top Picture Fotocredits: André Pristaff ı Rostock

Rest from Fane