Wednesday, 12 June 2013

GB selection

My aims this year were run sub 7:25 in the 100k and target GB selection.

I've probably missed out on the GB selection for the 100k but submitted my resume to be selected for the GB team for the IAU World Trail Running Championsips in Llanrwst, North Wales. A 75 km race with 2000m+ of ascent

Its now been confirmed that I've made the GB team for the event.

Hence Chojnik. And hence high miles again.. the weeks have been spent running 90-100 miles a week and I'm feeling good for it, 2 more high miles weeks then start the taper for the event on July 6th.

After that Berlin Marathon will dominate my planning.

I have a regular weeks training now, this is:

Monday steady 10 miler,
Tuesday, 12 km in a group, 8 km at 6:20 min miles, 4k at 5:20 min miles
Wednesday, 20km 6:20 min miles in the forest
Thursday: track session.. km reps.. 2 k’s that sort of thing
Friday: 10 mile trail run, hilly trail loop.
Saturday: 15 mile trail run or race
Sunday: If no race 16-20 mile trail, 6:30 min mile pace.

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