Monday, 5 May 2014

Broad Street Run

This weekend was the biggest 10 miler in the US, Broad Street run. Its basically a run across Philly from the North, down Broad Street (literally) to the Stadium Complex in the south of the city.. it drops a few hundred feet over the course of its 10 miles and apart from a quick dog leg around the town hall is perfectly straight. Despite its cumulative descent there are numerous short up hills and with a head wind I just struggled.

After Cherry Blossom 10 miler in DC a month ago I really thought I'd crack 55 here and had been given a seeded number as I've ran 56 at the slower Cherry Blossom and in Philly half.

Despite the down hill I just never got going, the first two miles were mid 5:20's but I was soon upper 5:30's and by 5 miles was into the 5:40's and with the head wind just mentally gave it. Cracking event to be fair, it's all there for a fast run and many do set significant PR's on the course.

The head wind was an issue but i always feel they are largely mental, you feel like shit and the wind is just an excuse to heel back even more. Maybe last weeks 50k was in my legs but I've also been struggling with allergies all week; head ache, head cold, sinus issues so possible also a factor.. anyway all added up to a pretty shit unenjoyable run.. I finished in 57:51.

Next week is Ice Age 50 miler out West in Wisconsin so hopefully a return to some sort of form..

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