Monday, 29 April 2013

Berlin Airport Run Half Marathon

So due to a mixed up entry I opted against Zittau mountain race and opted for a half marathon at the new, yet not finished Berlin Airport..

4000 runners ran the 10k and half marathon (around 700 or so for the half), the 10k was one loop, the half was another loop with a few extra turns tagged on. I knew the course would be flat, but cold temps, strong winds and rain threatened a decent time.

I almost had a bad start when at registration I was put in the second starting pen.. but luckily they moved me to the start. Most were doing the 10k but it was still a fast start. halfers had different numbers so I'd twigged who to keep an eye on. Two shot off but the lad who I thought looked a threat started steady.. I went through the first mile in 5:37 so was pretty happy, I was sat in the top 3 but could hear from the breathing that the other two had to slow soon.. after 3 miles the pace started to drop so I kicked off and opened up a big gap pretty quick.

I had 10kers to chase so the first lap was nice, the second I then got the lead cars and a bike for company, plus I was lapping the 10kers so good support on the route..

I went through the 10k in about 35:30 and won in 1:15:09.. 2nd was 1:17:57 so a nice gap. The rain and wind was pretty fierce, but cool conditions suited me.

Overall pretty happy. My pace dropped 5-10 seconds per mile into the wind, but I'd have got some back at other times.. Thats half, full marathon and 100k pbs so far but now I need more raw speed, so lower mileage (80-85 mpw) and more quality, plus a stricter diet is the order of the day..


race website:

Quite a unique experience.. and a tad unnerving and the Shoenfeld airport just next door is still operational so you can hear the jets taking off.. well organised run, but no prize money which at 40 euros an entry means its an expensive race.

Photos from the race FB page below..

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