Saturday, 13 April 2013

Recovery period

The last few weeks have basically been a reverse taper: 1 day off, then a steady 40 mile week, then upped it to a 75 mile week and back to 90-100 from next week. All the miles have been steady until today when I ran Graves Park Run in Sheffield.. my debut park run on the 1st anniversary of the run finished with a win in something close to 18:50.. nice hilly 2 lap course.. great free timed runs.

The first week back I had Gwen visiting so we were just doing steady trail runs on the beach trails or in the forest, the snows finally disappearing but some sections of the trails were hard going.

Last weekend we headed over to Berlin to watch Tsotleho, a mate from Rostock, run Berlin Half Marathon, coming 16th in 66 mins, so an impressive run, and also had a tour of Berlin Monuments.. Brandenburg gate, the Wall, Checkpoint Charlie and the monument for the murdered Jews of Europe (t, a field of concrete blocks, which you walk into, the meaning of which is still disputed..

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