Monday, 20 January 2014

Harz and back to training

After JFK the plan was an easy two weeks.. then build back to good miles. Unfortunately I slipped walking down the stairs and fractured my little toe. Not accepting it I ran for two weeks before eventually accepting defeat and went for an x-ray. I took 2 weeks off, biked every day and from NY eve slowly started running again. The first week was 76 miles and then last week 102 miles, so happy enough to be back on the road.

This weekend I went to the Harz mountains again, in central Germany. It's cold but there's no snow. It's the biggest ski area in the North of Germany but it was obvious from the webcams there was no chance of a cross-country ski. Friday night I did 7.5 miles on road and trail, following 4 in Rostock at lunch, Saturday a 19 miler up Brocken, and Sunday a 10 miler on trails, collowed by another 5 miler back in Rostock. Hopefully a few races thrown in from now on to add quality sessions..

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