Saturday, 15 March 2014

Transatlantic move..

So since I last blogged it's been a busy few weeks. I finished work in Germany, got my visa and emigrated to the US, and now live just outside of Philadelphia, in Collingswood NJ - about 6 miles from downtown Philly.

Running wise it's fairly good, nice trails not too far away and some good groups to train with.

Due to visa regulations I can't work for another 2-3 months so can basically train full time and hope to get back to 100-110 miles a week.

Today was my first race in almost 4 months, a local 5k - adrenalin 5k. It strangely attracts a top class field with sub 15 pretty regular. The course isn't super quick, its fairly undulating, never steep but rarely flat, but with a strong field I expected close to a pb which is 16:15.

The first mile was too quick, well under sub 5 pace for the first half mile.. and I slowed to 5:10 for the first mile but mile 2 was awful in 5:35 and then got better and ran 5:20 for mile 3 and 5:10 for the last 0.1 for a time of around 16:35... didn't feel great, certainly lost my head a bit in mile 2 but a quality work out regardless.

Not too happy but not too upset either.. a decent week of just over 100 miles once I do one last run today with some quality work in.

Sunday: 13.2 on roads and trail 6:45 pace
Monday: 20.2 on sandy trails 7:20 pace
Tuesday: 13.2 miles (7.3 miles 7:50 pace am, pm: 5.9 7:30 pace on roads around town).
Wednesday: 14.2 miles on road and trail 6:50 pace
Thursday: 14 (7.5 miles on roads 7:40 pace am, pm: 6.25 miles, with 3 x 2km reps on the treadmill around 5:30 pace)..
Friday: 11.1 miles (am 4.1 miles 6:16 pace, pm: 7 miles 8+ pace on local roads)
Saturday: am: 2 mile warm up, adrenalin 5k, 2.5 mile cool down. 16:35 ish for the 5k.. slowed in mile 2 but went off way to quick.. at the end of a 100+ mile week so expected to be tired. First race in nearly 4 months so low 16's or sub 16 should be achievable over the summer. pm: 7 miles on trails and road. 

The plan is a few key 50 milers in May and June but a few fast 10 milers next month and May but will try to race a lot more over the coming few months.. every other week at least.


  1. Full time athlete. Cool. I have family in Philly. Have you run up the Rocky (movie) steps yet ? I did with my Dad once. About 20 years ago.

  2. I run from near there, so done them a few times.. they are a must.. :-) Decent area for training, trained with UPenn Tuesday, 5 x 2 km reps, some were doing 3 5k reps finishing at 15:00 for the last 5k..