Sunday, 17 March 2013

Anglo-celtic plate 100k preview

So its now 2 weeks to the main race for the first part of the year, the anglo-celtic 100k.. again I'm running for Wales.. its been 19 weeks of good training and 101  days straight running since the Paddy Buckley, but including the paddy (which was one of my lowest mileage weeks), its been 19 weeks of solid mileage.

Averaging around 87 miles a week.. I'm happy with where I am. My week has been a long run of 20+ miles and a long midweeker of 14-16 miles, then 2 rep/hard sessions then general mileage. Pretty much basic marathon training.. so I'll find out how it works for ultra's. I've raced probably every 2 weeks, but have also ran 2:39 in a marathon, so with the miles, the pb, I'm pretty sure I'm entering this fitter than ever..  Main thing has been lots of running.. the hill walking has gone.. all runnable miles..

My PB is 7:35, I've ran 7:49, 7:42 and 7:35 and a DNF.. (running in an arm cast).. so it'll be hard to beat.. so my basic plan is run a sub 3 marathon and hope like hell I maintain some form... certainly sub 3 pace from the off is not a crazy call, its almost 1 min/mile off my marathon pace..I've been pretty public that my aim is sub 7:30.. which I think is a realistic aim.. but 100k's can go badly.. we'll see..

But its now taper time, 70 miles this week, 40-50 next week..

This is my last 19 weeks mileage, pretty consistent.. we'll see. its now just about good diet, sleep, no drink and stay injury free..

82.53 week 1
80.1 2
80.06 3
104.8 4
79.25 5
83.37 6
90.09 7
80.03 8
83.01 9
97.41 10
93.39 11
90.03 12
90.08 13
85 14
75.11 15
95.13 16
90.35 17
103.22 18
104.17 19

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