Friday, 22 March 2013

The foam roller rules

I've been training with Andreas, a personal trainer in Rostock.

He's been working with myself and Tsotleho, a runner from Lesotho. He's a 67 minute half marathoner so class to train with, but he's also not loving the German winter so at the moment we are just doing sessions on the treadmill.

With Andreas we've been doing lots of stretching, squats and rolling on the foam rollers.. its agony at first but already after a week its much less painful and has certainly helped my IT Band.. so for now I'm accepting it in my training... as I'm running more, and more quality, I think I need to be more proactive on injury prevention..

Dropped the mileage this week..

Sunday, steady 11 mile trail run in the forest.
Monday, Monday lunch steady 4.5 mile trail run. eve: treadmill warm up, 5k at 16 kph, cool down.
Tuesday, 5 miles at 6 am. afetrnoon: 1.5 hrs soccer. Evening treadmill, warm up, 3 x 1 mile at 18 kph
Wednesday: 6.5 miles on the treadmill. 2 miles at 10-15% incline..
Thursday: lunch: 4.5 mile trail run, pm: treadmill, 5 x 1k at 18 kph.
Friday: am 12.5 k, with 10 k at 15kph.. 10k at the gym again..
Saturday will be a 15-20 mile trail run in the Krkonose mountains on the Polish/Czech border..

Lots of treadmill miles, but its snowed here heavily all week so I was cautious to be out too much and risk slipping as its now just a week til the 100k. Football was a risk but I took it easy.

75-80 miles for the week, and a reasonable amount of quality..

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