Saturday, 23 March 2013

Krkonose Day 1. recce of Karkonoski Marathon

Drove out to Poland last night, had an epic drive due to just google mapping and following the instructions.. ended up spinning off on a bend at an entirely avoidable mountain pass.. luckily bounced off a snow bank with no damage at all.. 

This is the world long distance mountain running champs later this year so came out to recce the route. It basically runs along the Polish Czech border, almost out and back but finishing on a summit.. so I reccied the first and last 1/4's.. stunning area, -8 C in the village in Poland and with strong winds the summits were wild. It'll be an awesome race, lots of short runnable climbs, starts off with 4-5 miles of up hill, a good 800m.. then just ridge running on good trails (when not snow covered) almost always above 1000, out to the highest peak in the Czech republic, then back along the ridge but don't descend and finish with a final short climb to summit above the start. It's basically a fast, very hilly trail marathon, perfect for the World's long distance.. 3 peaks is the only thing like it really, but less long descents.

More photos here:

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